Posted: August 25, 2018 7:41am

I was going to write a ‘Whats New for Autumn 2018’ post.  However, I feel like you will all soon be inundated with similar narrative and you don’t need me to kick start the race to Autumn!

I am so tired of the ‘Whats Hot’ / ‘Autumn Must Haves’ / ‘Colour of the Season’ etc.. it’s all driven by the retailers, trying to get us to feel unsatisfied with what we have and to get us to buy new things.

Have to be honest, my Instagram obsession has dwindled a little, so I have made a decision for Autumn to sign and follow just 5 blogs and actually read what they have to say instead of cruising pictures all the time.  At the same time I have invested in a few pieces for Autumn which I have bought from the dregs of the sales, from charity shops or preloved sites.  They have been jeans, cashmere, a couple of pairs of kitten heels and a camel coat.

If you buy, make sure you…

  1. …suit your body shape and lifestyle
  2. …invest in classic pieces that will not date

All you really have to do is select a couple of ‘trend’ pieces which you can find on the high street, preloved or vintage to update your look.  A lot of need to break the habit, and make a conscious decision to step off the fashion roller coaster which is being constantly driven by social media.  Lots of companies and bloggers are making a ton of money by making us all crave these trends.

If you look at the people with true style they have a ‘uniform’, and you will never see them in the latest high street must have.  Most of the time they are wearing the same clothes in rotation.

I have a few peoples style that I adore and I try to ask myself before I buy anything ‘would so and so  buy this’?  It has helped to reign in the madness!

I think finding an icon and keeping her style in mind helps keep me on the straight and narrow.

Anyone who follows my blog knows that I adore Sarah Harris (check out an older post) and Emmanuelle Alt, but I also am starting to look for inspiration from the past, as I want longevity in my style.

I adore people like Carolyn Bessette, her style is timeless.


Lee Radziwill  (Jackie Kennedy’s sister) had the most phenomenal style and her outfits from the 60’s and 70’s would look just as great today as they did then.  I adore the simplicity of her style be it in jeans and a black t-shirt or showing us how to wear statement earrings (hair tied up) to her all white tunic and trouser combination and leopard print all still classics today.





These two work for me and you have to find your own.

So, with this in mind I have earmarked the following  pieces below from the new season, to preloved classics from brands such as Max Mara to the  H&M cashmere , which I hope you will find useful.  The reality is – face your wardrobe, take an evening and really look at the pieces that make you happy.  Sell the ones that don’t and use the cash to buy one or two great pieces.



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