Posted: September 14, 2017 8:16am

I love my friends and when Jo came up with this ‘Instagram Kiss of Death’ it hit a nerve.  When items and brands are completely over hyped it becomes one of the real downsides of social media, and it makes me feel a bit unsettled.

Certain glorious pieces hit Instagram.  I lust after them and sometimes I give in and have bought them.

Set your clock…within 3 months every second person is swanning around in them and in my book it completely devalues the purchase.

I shouldn’t really care but I do.  It makes me feel, somehow, a bit showy, ‘look at me in my expensive shoes, bag, dress or jumper’.  I might as well be wandering around in a blogger uniform with the price tag on.  I think lusting after these items in you twenties and thirties is a right of passage but we forty somethings ought to know better.  If money is no object then it is absolutely no issue, but for most of us this is not the case.

Items which I think are beautiful but which I have now sold or won’t touch:

  1. Any furry Gucci mule.  Forget the fact the fur gets really matted when you wear them, they are just TRY TOO HARD.  Go for a brown Gucci loafer or vintage Gucci
  2. J.W. Anderson or Hill & Friends bags, lovely but gifted to every blogger in town, buy a preloved designer bag instead
  3. Ganni knitwear, again gifted to so many.  It’s over photographed, it sheds and its itchy.  Always go low like Reserved or my top tip, no one can place it and you will never want to take it off, is Alexander Wang.  It has taken over from those 1970’s Bella Freud jumpers (also now so over subscribed )
  4. RIXO dresses, these are divine on anyone under 30 but they are synthetic and you can find the same in H&M.  They are also not cut for anyone over a size 8 UK or aged over 35
  5. Chloe Susanna boots, they cost nearly £1,000 and you make so much noise when you walk!  Don’t bother, again check out brands such as ATP, beautiful quality and a lot less showy
  6. Golden Goose trainers, I feel sad but I’ve now sold my last pair of white trainers.  I am too old and it is really ageing, honestly look down and if you have a child/niece who is old enough to wear them, then don’t bother!  Go for New Balance by J. Crew or just something different

The list is endless!

All of the above I have spoken about and advocated before, so I am as guilty as the next blogger.  Is this part of the eventual downfall of Instagram, what can we do differently?

Or do we women really want to wear a uniform?  As the pieces are so well known do you feel somehow safer and being underneath the badges make us feel more confident?  In the past it took years for an item or brand to become lust worthy, now it blows up in 6 months so there is no longevity in the investment and that is the Instagram trap.

Buying these pieces does not give you a great wardrobe, focus your investments on better jeans/t-shirts/cashmere and simple coats and don’t waste money on the latest Instagram wonder. Admire it from afar – that’s my advice.

I think the solution is not to jump on the bandwagon.  I now take a breath, see the trend, look left and right for something a bit different – please try and do the same.  No one needs to spend the kind of money needed on the trophy pieces that are just not unique enough.  Save it for a one-off piece that is truly special to you.

With Fashion Week around the corner beware, currently every designer in town is sending freebies out and the blogging community are in full swing.


Brands – we want real women wearing these clothes, not 20 year olds or some Instagram wonder with no sense of style but lots of followers.

Moving on to what to buy, tomorrow I will be looking at tweed and where to find one-off pieces to capture the trends of the season, but not to spend loads of money and dare to be different. All the pieces are linked in the Section Shop Instagram or Wear What I Wear.


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