Posted: May 7, 2015 6:31am

I met Nadine Shenton at a charity event- we got talking and the topic turned to schools as it often does at these events. Though not the typical schools top trumps ie. ‘Where does your child go?” question, only asked as they want to share how fabulous their offspring are at having managed to secure a place at some academic powerhouse.


I was fascinated by her business. She works with children from 10 to 18, enabling them to present themselves with confidence  in an interview environment.

Normally I would say more North London madness- interview training for a 10 year old?? But what I loved about Nadine is that she has been through the process. She has three sons at St Pauls in London but she is all about keeping it real.

She listens to the child and through role play and humour helps them get out of themselves and provides them with an insight into what they can expect from an interview situation. Nadine will not coach your child to give the deemed ‘correct’ answers, she is there to unlock the child’s own personality and allow it to shine through while at the same time easing any fears the child may have. Importantly, she helps the parents to relax and trust their child and the school. If there are issues that need to be ironed out she will provide the family with workable solutions.


Looking at her testimonials you cannot help but be impressed, both from the positive feedback from the children and the parents. Her results are phenomenal and I know I will have her on speed dial when the time comes for my children to face the senior school selection process.

Below are some of the testimonials:

“After 2 sessions with my children aged 10 and 8 years, I have no idea what you did but her posture has improved and words like ‘maybe’, ‘thingy’ are out of her dictionary. My 8 year old who doesn’t like strangers came to meet you with a grumpy face, in 5 mins being with you he could not stop laughing. Thank you is all I can say in helping both to be more positive and above all confident.”

Arora – Mother Earls Court


“Nadine has a skill to identify small areas which make such a difference in interview; the greeting, the eye contact, the posture and the formulation of the answer. Nadine instils confidence into these young children and prepares them well. She helped two of my children with their interview skills, my son was offered his first choice, City of London school having got 100% in his academic interview”.

Simone, mother – Baker street


“She helped me with how to answer the questions and how to discuss the book I was reading, it was fun”!
Lucas aged 10 years


“Now I am not afraid of anything”.

Michelle, aged 10 years.


“Nadine is highly competent in the techniques she teaches. A lively inspiring coach, she invariably succeeded in motivating frequently reluctant pupils. Pupils would leave her workshops with a spring in their step”.

Middle Temple – Christa Richmond


“I enjoyed the mock interview and thought there was a good balance between the interview, techniques and questions”.
Eva – 11 years


“Nadine spent only a short time with my son but the difference was amazing. She showed him how to express himself making it appealing and interesting to a prospective school. The upshot, for which credit must go to Nadine, he secured a place at St Paul’s School”.

Caroline, mother – West Hampstead

Contact details for Nadine are on her website .


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