Posted: December 26, 2014 12:14pm

I bought a coat from Lucas Nascimento , it was navy  threaded with silver and  it is  simply beautiful,  I have been waiting for the sale to get my hands on another one of his sculptural pieces.

The shape in it self is classical but the stiffness of the fabric and the cut is ultra modern. Lucas Nascimento is an expert when it comes to shape, structure and fabrication.

This black tailored coat is made from double-faced wool – a favoured fabric for the designer – but is felted for a heavier, more structured silhouette. It has a high neck, a wide point collar, and comes together with a flattering self-tie waist belt.




The great thing about this coat is that it does all the talking so it doesn’t matter what you wear underneath.





Worn with my  Christmas Present, fabulous tweed Chanel trainers bought from Vestaire Collective


If you are going to hit the sales today, then look out for great coats as the value per wear is so high,compared to a dress or skirt.

Here are my top picks of the sales, I have to say Hobbs have the best selection of coats now at great prices. The winter white one below is so similar to Celine, definitetly worth a visit.


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