Posted: April 17, 2020 12:47pm

I’ve cut right back on the products that I buy but I’d run out of vitamin C.

I got a hot tip from Debbie from Glow Harrogate.  She tries all the products before she orders them for her clinic and she just couldn’t get over the improvement in her clients skin once they started on iS Clinical GeneXC Serum.

Obviously, I bought it and have now been using it every day for a couple of months and my skin is much improved.  It is much brighter, the texture is far more even and despite the lack of recent treatments my skin looks really plump, the product works to accelerate the production of collagen.

It is perfect currently with the sun coming out, as the high level of vitamin C works hand in hand with my sun screen to avoid my pigmentation returning.

I much prefer it to its more famous competitor, SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic.

It doesn’t have an odd smell, definitely a problem with SkinCeuticals.  It also absorbs straight away and doesn’t cause any irritation.  I have almost finished my first bottle and I’ve already reordered it.  Go for the smaller bottle (it’s expensive at £80) but it has lasted over two months.

I would recommend you chat to someone before you order, call Debbie at Glow in Harrogate and she can go through all the products in the range, and have the product sent to you.  I spoke to her yesterday as I had run out of eye cream and she is having a look for me.  I buy my own products and this post is not sponsored.

You can contact her below

+44 01423 202828



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