Posted: March 2, 2015 11:59am

When I think of Jaeger I think of camel coats , I cannot help it, that is what comes into my mind.

I know lots of my friends with serious jobs, who go there for workwear but it is not a brand I have bought from, since I stopped having to go to an office.

In the Winter I invested in the aforementioned camel coat from Jaeger, which I have lived in. The price point was so reasonable and the quality is superb.

Jaeger Coat
Jaeger Coat


After the success of the camel coat I have been keeping an eye on Jaeger. After seeing a gorgeous grey suede skirt in Grazia, I rushed in to the Regent Street branch to take a look at the Spring collection.

I am not joking I was there for over hour and a half, it is such a welcoming and beautiful shop.

Firstly how refreshing to have really well trained knowledgeable staff, who know the brand and are willing to take the time to help you find the look you want.

What first grabbed  my attention was this Fendi like bag. I have been eyeing the Fendi for a long time but I am weaning myself off labels and trying to focus on finding more reasonable options.

This bag is the perfect shape, I was looking for a ladylike shape as I tend to embrace trends with my clothes, I want my bag to balance out the look and be a classic. I love the name too it is called the Marylebone.


2015-02-27 13.56.16


The material is the perfect shade of of white and I love the texture.

I also like the fact that I am less likely to run into one of these on the school run than a Fendi!

I love designer bags but I think the prices are just too much now and I am really trying to only buy them preloved or find more reasonable options.

In the sales section they still had wonderful cashmere I bought a beautiful super soft green sweater for seventy pounds. They also had the pieces below.


Coloured Cashmere in the sale at Jaeger
Coloured Cashmere in the sale at Jaeger


This sheepskin jacket is perfect, not too fluffy a classic piece and also in sale.

Fur jacket in the sale at Jaeger
Fur jacket in the sale at Jaeger



2015-02-27 14.17.40
Cashmere Tracksuit in the sale


Looking forward to the new season, there were so many pieces I could have bought.

The jewel in the crown is the the suede skirt, I couldn’t decide between the grey or beige.

This skirt is in the softest suede and cut so that it is really flattering  to all shapes.

It really captures the 70’s feel out there at the moment, in a grown up wearable way.


Jaeger Bag



The key pieces that took my eye and will have me heading back are below, the suede skirt, the other two silk skirts as well as the perfect denim shirt and of course it is Jaeger after all a summer weight camel coat !





All these pieces are such great quality and the fabrics are soft and breathable, perfect for Spring and Summer. There will be lots more to follow on Jaeger and I would love to hear what you think of the brand ?


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