Posted: November 4, 2016 7:53am

I normally avoid, Press Days or Blogger Events, as I prefer to stumble on things myself.

You will see all the bloggers in Jaeger, in the next weeks, this time I am happy to get on board.  I have worn the brand for years and love, what the designers have done with the current season.

Few brands, take time to develop pieces that are stylish but that can also, be worn, year in year out. Jaeger is the antithesis to throw away fashion, these are pieces you will relish wearing and have for years.


The new store in Marylebone, contains all the classics but goes a step further to offer pieces, that are spot on trend but still made with the best materials and cut well to fit real women.

Women with real lives, juggling work, maybe  a family and a entire host of other issues. Worrying about what to wear, is low on the agenda.

You all know my obsession with great coats, they just are my saviour, as they hide a multitude. Jaeger coats, are well cut and the fabric has a sheen and glossiness to it.  They have all lengths, from the  boyfriend cut, to car coats, jackets and longer lengths, in all the classic colours. If you are thinking of an investment piece this season, make it a Jaeger coat.


I have developed a bit of an obsession with brown, it is so much softer to wear than black and it goes with everything. Brown is my colour of the season.


Jaeger have a coat, in the perfect shade of brown it is a glorious chestnut and I hope you can see how exquisite the fabric is, in the photos.


The coats are cut for comfort and the fabric is what sets the brand apart, it will not crease or look dull after a couple of wears, these coats are made for wearing.  The brand understands that we women, race around, in the rain, on the tube or in the car and the coats have to stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

Lots of readers ask me about flattering trousers and I have picked two pairs from Jaeger,  the citrus yellow ones and a simple pair of navy trousers for everyday. I cannot get away with highstreet trousers, as I want fabrics that don’t itch and I need all the tailoring I can get. The yellow trousers are from the Laboratory, range at Jaeger and they also come in burgundy and black.




The jumpsuit is a brilliant alternative to a suit for work, I will be back next week to try on skirts shirts and fill you in. I also love the Donna Ida, denim jumpsuit .



Look out for the accessories, I adore the little clutches, they are so well made and will elevate any outfit.


If you are in London, check out their new store on Marylebone highstreet, or take a look online, where all the pieces are available to shop. Thank you Ali Moeez, for the photos and a special thank you to Amy Steadman at Jaeger for organizing and being a fresh of breath air.

Watch out for the knitted joggers which are part of the ski collection launching soon, in store only!





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