Posted: March 21, 2018 4:40pm

Jeans are the one thing I get asked for the most.

The truth is that you have to try them on – what suits me may not look great on you.  The high street has come a long way and you can find some truly great pairs but it is like looking for a needle in a haystack and if you are bigger than a 26 they never look as good as an investment pair.

With prices now averaging around £250 they are a fortune.  I only buy one pair a year and I wear them until they fall apart!  When I think of the price per wear (I know a boring concept, but worth considering), they are worth every penny.  You can buy designer jeans preloved, just have them dry cleaned, but you have to know the brand, style and size (SO YOU HAVE TO TRY THEM ON).

Paige Hoxton
Paige Hoxton

Trilogy is the easiest place to buy jeans as they have a wide selection and the staff are helpful and well taught so they know what to recommend.  I am not sponsored and I buy my own jeans from them.

Paige are my top tip for jeans.  I bought the Hoxton in Norfolk – why?


Paige Hoxton
Paige Hoxton

The fit they are a straight cut but a skinnier straight cut and they are high on the waist, meaning there is no MUM TUM! They also lift your bottom and are slimming on your thighs.  I also think the extra bit of lycra makes them comfortable to run around in and I prefer the shorter length, especially in the Summer.  They are true to size but you do have to size up in the white ones.

Hoxton-Straight-Crop-Jean-in-Norfolk_27335-initial (1)

You can find Paige preloved too, check eBay via the following link

A close contender is the  Frame le Boy Boyfriend in Huist – they are longer in length and I adore the colour (the perfect shade) but not quite as flattering on the bottom.  You can find so many Frame jeans on Ebay but you have to be sure that the style and size suits you to track down the right pair for you.



Also never pass a charity shop; I found the 7 for all Mankind pair for £19 at Cancer Research UK (I adore the Marylebone and St. Johns Wood branches).


CWSG-0091Jeans are worth spending a bit more on but once you know the style and brand that suits you, as well as your size, you can find them preloved!  At Cancer Research all the items are steamed, which is more than most of the high street shops, where most of the jeans have been tried on loads of times and landed on many a changing room floor!


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