Posted: August 15, 2014 6:22pm

The choice of jeans here in LA is limitless and as they are so much more reasonable than at home, it is hard not to lose control.  I am also conscious that certain things look great in the LA sunshine but transport them back to rainy London and it just doesn’t work.

Top of my list is a great pair if distressed boyfriend jeans , I can wear them here with a vest and flip flops as it is too hot to wear skinnies in LA now or back home on a hot day. I have bought boyfriend jeans before but I always get it wrong and end up reverting to my skinny jeans.

The perfect boyfriend jeans have to be loose around the leg but not too loose around the waist and bottom, it is not easy as all body shapes are different. The key is to go at least one but if not two sizes up, just try I know it seems odd asking for so much bigger a size but  it looks much better.  Shopbop is a great source of jeans and they have the best selection including brands which are hard to find in the UK and I get my order within a couple of days.

Though I will wear them with flip flops here, Personally I think back in London that boyfriend jeans look better with heels, s shirt and a nice tailored blazer.








1. R13 jeans

2. Mih Phoebe slim jeans

3. Sivy jeans

4.Mr Right by Goldsign


In the end I bought a great value pair from Lucky Brand which I bough two sizes up and they are the perfect boyfriend cut.









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