Posted: October 8, 2014 9:06am

Anthony and I have been thinking about joining a members club for a while. We both need somewhere to work from,  entertain clients or in my case somewhere I can bring my  friends.

Now with our children sleeping through the night, thoughts of a post dinner drink are  back on the cards, so a Club set between Mayfair and Soho just is perfect geographically!

We have looked at a few but the price point or the facilities just didn’t add up coupled with an often, complicated joining process

Our friends Deborah and Will invited us to an open evening at a club they are a members of The Club at Cafe Royal Hotel 

It was love at first sight!


Cafe Royal hotel - Historic Entrance4
Entrance Hall


Cafe Royal hotel - Grill Room_0
Oscar Wilde Bar



Domino Restaurant at Cafe Royal

The building is beautiful and when you walk in you feel you are somewhere special! I know  with the weather turning, unless there is a real draw, it is easier to hibernate at home with a box set.

When you are working for yourself,  you need to get out and  networking is crucial and even if you you are not,  it is so nice to meet new like minded  people.

We have so many choices in london but sometimes you want to be spontaenous and not have to book weeks in advance or beg to get a table !



The Club area where you can work from
The Club area where you can work from

Here are the bits we loved and we are not paid for any reviews on this site these are based on our own impressions:

  • The cocktails were fabulous and that is a hard thing to get right on such a big night and a real testament to a great bar.
  • The staff were lovely no snootiness just helpful and efficient.
  • The other members there on the night were so relaxed and friendly and more than happy to chat to us about the Club.
  • The food was lovely, healthy, well cooked and tasty and again, even on an open evening with throngs of people, the staff had the restaurant under control.
  • There is an amazing spa and health club and they allow children in,  a bonus for us with the wet winter weekends ahead.
  • The Club holds lots of interesting events for its members which provides a great forum to network and meet people.
  • The simple joining process, the team are amazing and so welcoming.
  • The realistic price point.

For us it ticked all the boxes and we couldn’t sign up fast enough !

I look forward to sharing lots of future events with you, below are some pictures from the night, thank you Deborah !!




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