Posted: November 6, 2016 9:38am

I have long used the Restaurant Club, to get the inside scoop on restaurants.  What started as a Facebook forum, to exchange views and tables, has now grown into a fully fledged website. The concept works as it is real people, giving their honest views, after paying for a meal.

The Restaurant Club

I don’t even have a Boots card but I do have a Restaurant Club card, the card costs £30  and in some cases you can get discounts  from 15% to 40 % depending on the day and restaurant, it is so worth it. Now my kids are older, the discount is brilliant as when four of us head out to eat, a discount, can make a big difference.  At Percy and Founders in Marylebone where I get 25% off Monday to Wednesday but there are so many options to choose from all over the city.

The Restaurant Club

We all love to visit the ‘in’ places but usually the best food and ambience, is found in a small local place, that unless someone tells you, you would never know about it. This is where the Restaurant Club excels, in bringing us the restaurants, which are constantly delivering on food and service.

Check out the Facebook site if you are looking for tables at short notice or to see which restaurants, everyone is talking about.

The restaurant Club

I love, that I can ask a questions on the Facebook site and you are guaranteed to get a brilliant recommendation. Whether it is where to eat before a concert, ideas on restaurants in  a particular part of London or for a specific occasion, the near 14,000 active members are always willing to help. This is a truly useful group and well worth joining. I also love that if I am going abroad, you can get the insider scoop too, from the members.

Kate and Louisa, who founded the site, are my kind of Food Critics, as they not only love food but they are finely tuned to what we really want to know about a restaurant: Is the food fabulous, is the service good, is it busy with a great atmosphere .

In the meantime get one of these cards and use the code CAT10  to get £10 off at The Restaurant Club.

I will be joining forces with Kate and Louisa to bring you regular, restaurant reviews.



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