Posted: June 28, 2017 6:19pm

I love a great jumpsuit but I have cleared out a lot of my old ones as they were too oversized, and let’s be honest, some verged on  resembling a sack! I also want better than the highstreet and at this time of the year it is time to invest in designer with discounts heading to 70%. Jumpsuits are also something it is worth spending a bit more on as you get a better fit.

My tummy is the not the best and my days of having a flat one are (almost certainly) gone and I just don’t have the discipline to cut out what I need, to do to get one.  Therefore I always felt a looser waist would be better but it actually isn’t, it makes you look much bigger.

Now I wear more fitted jumpsuits and they are so much more flattering.  The fabric is also key, I am too old for flimsy fabric that lets everything jiggle about, I need a bit of structure.  I prefer a sleeve as it means I can wear the jumpsuit without a jacket or coat (throw a sweater around your shoulders instead). Coats and jumpsuits are a no go.

This Spring I invested in two, the first is from Citizens of Humanity and is now on sale at Boutique 1, mine is a size small.

Citizens of Humanity flight suit  You can see that this jumpsuit gives a great line and actually makes your waist look smaller. I also see that you can find this jumpsuit on My Theresa.

Citizens of Humanity

citizens of humanity jumpsuit

Citizens of Humanity

Jumpsuits work on those days when you just don’t have time or the inclination to put an outfit together.  I picked up the jumpsuit, featured below, from Vanesa Seaward, this brand is all about classic clothes that fit well.  This jumpsuit is also on sale (I am wearing a medium) and I often add a belt to this jumpsuit.

vanessa seward jumpsuit

Get the right one and you can wear it day to evening but it is all about the fit.  Check your wardrobe if you have any that just don’t fit properly, sell them, and invest in one perfect one.

Check out this white one from Max Mara and I found the cotton version of the one above from Vanessa Seward  now online for £79 a real bargain now 70% off . Also I have my eye on this one from Isabel Marant when it goes down to 70% off , I tried this cotton one on from The Place and it is such a flattering fit. I also tracked down a brilliant denim one now down to £57 at Madewell and this one from Lemarie will take you into Autumn.


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