Posted: November 15, 2017 8:27am

I have been posting less and thinking more.  Clothes are glorious and I absolutely adore them but they are often only a small part of peoples lives.  We all have jobs to do, people to look after and life to live and we are all under time pressure, so I want getting dressed to be as easy as possible, yet I still want to feel comfortable and good about myself.

Blogging can place a lot of pressure on people to always pursue the newest fashion trends but even I (clothes maniac that I am) have stepped off the fashion ‘Merry Go Round’… OK, one foot is still hanging on!

I think it may be linked to age, I would rather buy beautiful flowers, travel more and go for glorious dinners with friends and family, or simply have a facial than spends tons of cash on clothes.  I haven’t even mentioned the the cost of the kids!

Having a uniform is what has worked for me.  I do dabble with trends but it is becoming less and less and I am thinking a lot more before I buy.

Joggers £65
Joggers American Vintage link on Shop Instagram

All my best dressed friends stick to buying and wearing what suits them best and they are  not jumping from one trend to another.  The end result being that they can afford to buy better.

I know myself, when I stray too far from my uniform, the items end up not being worn. Usually, even perhaps deep down, we know what suits us.  This doesn’t mean being boring, it just means getting the items and shapes right and you can play with the fabrics to add interest.


My uniform is not yours.  I work from home, am fairly tall and as I run a preloved shop I can take more risks with preloved as I have a platform to sell the pieces that don’t work.

A simple pair of jeans/joggers or leggings with a t-shirt, cashmere jumper or shirt topped off by a glorious show stopper coat or jacket works best for me in winter.

CWSG-NW8 19-10-17-0077

Instead of buying breadth I buy depth.  By this, I mean that I am fine tuning my uniform, upgrading and ensuring the shapes really suit my body.

This week I cleared loads of coats as I had too many long ones which do not work when I am driving around in the car and reinvested in one navy Max Mara cocoon coat (bought from Rebelle.  It is a German preloved site and is great for brands like Max Mara, Jil Sander etc).

Last season I sold my leopard print coat, pictured below (it was glorious) but the belt annoyed me, so I never wore it, and I am currently tracking down a simpler shape.  Also, I have sold the yellow bag as although it was beautiful, it was just not my style.


Skirts and trousers just are something I don’t wear in the daytime so I am selling them as they are just taking space and I get annoyed feeling like I should be wearing them.

Then I focus on combining my staples with something new.  Yesterday I saw a gorgeous image of a breton jumper from the sublime La Ligne, it was thrown over a leopard print coat, all staples but combined in a completely new way.

Meredith Melling
Meredith Melling

Sometimes I kick start on the high street and if the colour or item works I trade up.  For example, I had a red sweater I bought at Reserved.  I adored it, so am now looking for a better option, like this one from the Outnet or the ‘holy grail’ Anine Bing.  Her sale starts this evening so keep an eye out!!

CWSG-NW8 19-10-17-0023

You can, of course, get away with some high street pieces.  I adore my H&M t-shirts (one I am wearing below), as I know I can just wear them, abuse them (I am a spiller), not worry and just buy a new fresh one!  This is the time of year to think about your investment pieces and try to find them in the sales.  On my list is a breton from La Ligne NYC, a Anine Bing red sweater and a navy jumper from Acne.  Just check my WEAR WHAT I WEAR to find the links to the pieces I am waiting for.

CWSG 7-11-17-0100

With Black Friday around the corner and the sales within touching distance I have been creating Wish List’s for some of my friends and readers.

It is the best way to start.  Some of the pieces we will invest in and others we will find preloved or on the high street but using sites like Net a Porter does make the process easier. Use these sites, like Net a Porter, if like me, you have to wait for the sales or use them as inspiration to find something similar.

ON another subject, I would love love love your help to grow my Instagram.  I am ruthless in not posting unless it is something decent, I won’t regularly use my dog or kids, not to mention avoiding blogger events.  They are all back at the Ned again with the onslaught of avocado toast pictures!!

If you could share my instagram with your friends, please do.  It means a lot if I am trying to prepare a blog (the work wear edit for example, and want to borrow pieces) and it makes dealing with the brands a lot easier as a lot simply look at Instagram numbers.

Thanks all.


Anne Marie










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