Posted: December 5, 2014 7:35am

Since watching Pretty Woman many years ago I was always a bit wary of over the knee boots but two years ago after seeing Kate Moss wearing them I felt I had to give them a go.

They are now my go to look, particularly if I want to cover day to evening and sometimes you want to embrace the glamazon.

It is all about the proportions, you cannot have a tight fitting top ,they look best with an oversized sweater or cardigan. I also love them paired with an oversized blazer or jacket.

Also unless you are Kate Moss I would go for black as this is so much more forgiving .




I also think suede is easier to carry off than leather.  I would go for a mid height heel, it is safter with this look than a towering heel. Unless you are super skinny I would not go for a flat heel.






These boots are fitted so they are not adding to the width of your legs and are more flattering.




These boots are by Sandro, the leggings from Lark and the sweater is by Stella McCartney. I love this look for day to evening and underneath I would wear a simple t-shirt and a peacoat over, Emmanuelle Alt , Editor of Vogue Paris gets this look spot on  !





I have put togther some alternatives, I think this is a classic look now and definitely more catwalk than streetwalker!

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