Posted: March 27, 2017 4:55pm

Oh yes they are.  They had disappeared for a while but I have spotted them cropping up in lots of magazines.

I love leggings but mine are all a bit saggy and worn so I have been looking out for a new pair.  We have all embraced joggers but there is something about a pair of leggings that makes dressing easy and lets be honest, a good pair shave inches off your legs.

Vesace leggings

I have become obsessed about these ones from Versace, I cannot help feeling that they will go on sale so I am holding my nerve.  So get those leggings back out and pair them with a longer length blazer.

I also love this look with a lightweight trench,  parka or bomber jacket.


A denim shirt is what I would personally wear over the top of my leggings.

Vesace leggings

This is something to invest in as the fit and fabric are so exquisite and you will have them as a basic piece for ever and if you haven’t a clue what to wear then these will always fit the bill.


Check out Helmut Lang, the Row and you can also find some great pairs on OutnetZara are obviously on, trend and you can find a very similar pair on line at the moment for £39 , I am so tempted but I am going to try  and hold out until the sales for the Versace pair.





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