Posted: March 12, 2017 12:48pm

I have written about the fabulous Sonia and her clothing brand Les Glorieuses many times before but I hadn’t made it to one of her Pop Ups in a while, so after another morning spent at one of the kids schools I raced off to Notting Hill to catch up with one of London’s most beautiful (inside and out) women.

Les Glorieuses
Sonia Les Glorieuses

She has a posse of the most spectacular friends who always come out to support her and they are a sight to behold.  Forget Vogue, these are the women to follow!

I could not take my eyes off them, the simple make up, the paired back hair and obviously, clothes that made me want to race home and bin everything.

I want to be a French Girl
Sophie Wearing Les Glorieuses denim bomber jacket and earrings
Pauline in Les Glorieuses
Pauline in Les Glorieuses Cape

I know I cannot be a French girl, it is not in my genes, but it is a great lesson to watch these ladies.

I cannot do that totally paired back look, I am a chameleon.  One day I am a jeans and t-shirt girl, next it is midi dresses and cardigans, then I can be joggers and cashmere.  I love sliding from one look to another though it means I will never have a capsule wardrobe but boy do I enjoy my clothes.

Blouse Les Glorieuses and detachable collar

All I can do is curb the worst, a mule, floral dress and statement t shirt is as much as I am imbibing of the trends for Spring 2017.

Thank God I know (only taken me 46 years) what my Summer uniform is and what works for my body and lifestyle.  I will be sharing lots of outfit inspiration in the next few weeks, obviously not for everyone, but hopefully will get you thinking about your uniform.

Top Les Glorieuses
Top Les Glorieuses

If you would like help or have questions just email us on and we will be happy to send some ideas.



Jewellery Les Glorieuses

Now, as well asking myself would Sarah Harris or Emmanuelle Alt approve, I also think of Sonia and her glorious gang.

OK, after my morning here are the 5 lessons that I will have printed out and stuck on my notice board:

  1. Beware of cheap fabrics and ‘almost’ ok clothes, perfectly fabulous if you are under 40, over 40 is a no go.  The fabrics must be exquisite.
  2. It is all about the cut, if you don’t feel comfortable, the item will languish in your wardrobe.  Know the cuts that suit you.
  3. When embracing a trend keep it simple, Sonia excels at statement tops but her fabrics are simple and the pieces cut to fit under jackets and coats.  I have so many that just look ridiculous under a jacket, which means however lovely they look, I never wear them.
  4. Buy the best you can afford.  There is no excuse now as Preloved means all the designers are affordable.  You might have to put a bit more time in but it is worth it.
  5. Own your brand or uniform.  Mine is the jogger/shorts and fabulous top and coat.  Don’t deviate and make it your own.
Reworked cape Les Glorieuses
The cape that got away


I spotted the most gorgeous fur stole but I wasn’t quick enough and when I went back for it someone had already left with it.   I am heading back in a couple of weeks and if you would like to come with me then email and I will coordinate with Sonia.  Price point is £500 for a fur stole and from £250 for tops and skirts and bit more for dresses. Check out her site for more details.




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