Posted: November 10, 2014 7:19am


As we get to a certain age we accept we need to be aware  about what goes into our bodies, how we treat them, the dreaded exercise and are happy to pay for the beautician, gym, personal trainer, organic food etc. However unlike our fellows over the pond we are not always so good at ensuring our mental state is looked after. I am lucky to be living near where I grew up and to have an extensive network of family and friends from  different life stages nearby, but   that still hasn’t prevented me from struggling to find my way in the last few years as to what I want to do with myself now I am a grown up.  That is  why I was excited this week to meet Jacqueline Hurst a Life Coach to discuss her latest venture The Life Class,  an eight-week online life coaching course.



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Initially stemming from her own life challenges, Jacqueline has been a Master Life Coach and  Clinical Hypnotherapist for over a decade. Initially  working with emotional eating/body image issues and weight management as well as issues of anxiety, low confidence, low self esteem, addictions and other debilitating issues which can make life feel like a battle she realised that there are many different reasons for needing someone to help you fulfil your potential. That is really where her new course is borne from. By creating a virtual community, you can study and be supported from your own home and in your own hours, while the intensive learning will help you focus on the issues that really matter to you and help you let go of the small every day irritations. 


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I asked Jacqueline the biggest obstacle to getting people to start the process and she said the stigma still associated with admitting life might not be perfect or you can’t cope but I was swiftly reminded that in the work place you constantly get feedback and when you change career stages there are now many different types of mentoring and leadership courses still provided. Just because you may not be in a corporate environment it doesn’t’ mean that these things may not still help us.  Finally we discussed the commonest feedback she gets back and she said the first thing people always say is ‘ I wish I had started this journey earlier’.


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Intrigued, for more information go to  or and let us know how you get on.



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