Posted: February 19, 2020 8:00pm

I don’t mind one bad hair day but I have had years of bad hair days!

Years of colouring have lead to a lot of breakage at the front of my hair, which has lead to unwanted layers that always make my hair look wispy.

From extensions to growth vitamins, I have tried it all, the back always grew but never the front.  I just craved ‘healthy and easy’ to maintain hair.  I also tried cutting my hair which worked for a bit until a over zealous hairdresser cut layers into my hair which was the death knell.  My hair would look OK after I just had it done but I would wake up the next morning with flat hair which pointed outwards like really bad helmet head!

I bored everyone with my constant moaning and complaining.  I had almost given up and was seriously considering a wig!

Thinking about it now, I just wasn’t listening to my hairdressers and I was too scared to make a change.  Sometimes, when you are stuck in a rut, you need someone confident enough and new, to tell you the truth.

Linnaean is one of London’s newest salons and it is the only one I have been to that rivals the great George Northwood.

So how did I end up there?  Well I almost didn’t..

I can say this, as I am not paid to write this, but after seeing it on my Instagram, I initially dismissed it as an ‘Annabels’ clone. Yes, the same designer has done the interiors, Martin Brudnizki, and it is very pink and flowery, not really a priority when I am looking for a hair cut.  Also the new age ‘wellness concept store’ felt very Goop to me and I felt that it would be more hype than substance.

However, nothing could be further from the truth!  It is truly a brilliant salon and that is absolutely down to the quality of the hairdressing.

It is  located in Vauxhall, an 8 minute walk from the tube, though you can park for two hours for free in the Waitrose car park next door.  It is only two stops (albeit 1 change) from Sloane Square.

I don’t say this lightly, the team have recruited the best of the best and make it inclusive, non showy and with 4 pricing levels, affordable.

Kathryn Dartnell cut my hair, she combines practicality, creativity and skill.  She works on all the Fashion Weeks, so always has an eye on what is contemporary, but she really listened to me and I ended up with a haircut that really works.  I am 49 and I have honestly never had a better haircut!  I have heard of people before crossing the country to see their hairdresser, now I get it, she is a genius with scissors.

I want a cut that looked like I had a proper hair style and yet wasn’t too high maintenance.  Kathryn understands hair and how it falls and I felt at ease straight away.

Craig Clark coloured my hair, again, the consultation was lengthy, and I ended up incorporating all my hair wishes in one!

  1. A colour that lifts around my face
  2. I want a colour that is classic with a twist
  3. Grey is an issue and the colour we decided on will minimize the necessity for touch ups

The team also includes experts in shorter cuts and curlier hair.

After years of moaning about my hair it now just works.  If you are stuck in a rut or just feel you need a revamp, pop in, have a cup of coffee in the wonderful cafe and have a chat with them. They also allow dogs!

The salon itself is beautiful and light and a joyous place to spend time.  I paid for my own cut and colour, just saying!!






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