Posted: September 30, 2022 4:04pm

I am so tired of the hard sell on Instagram.  Honestly, if you need to watch a video on how to wear something, then don’t buy it in the first place!

I love Lisa’s Instagram; she wears and wears the same thing, again and again.  She buys well and she simply adores the pieces she owns and this clearly comes across on her videos.  She isn’t trying to sell me anything, just sharing the pieces that she loves on herself.

Her Instagram message reminds me not to compromise, to wait for the ‘killer piece” which will transform my wardrobe.

Another thing I admire about Lisa is that she buys really well, waits for the sales and she commits to those big ticket items.  She can do this guilt-free as she doesn’t waste money on ‘blah’ items, something I am always working on.  I am nervous to commit to higher priced items, but often end up spending about the same on a host of lower value pieces which won’t dramatically change my wardrobe.

With so much ‘hard sell’ on Instagram I am always trying to find authentic accounts which inspire me and hopefully you, as well.

Lisa’s motto is  ‘buy well, not often’.

I love that she pushes the boundaries and her look is modern yet wearable.  Yes, she does pick a few of the ‘in pieces’ but in the Mail she picks beautifully made pieces that I may not have seen or considered before.

Lisa, I am definitely blaming you for my current obsession with an oversized tassel wool cape!!




HALFBOY Vintage shearling vest
Balenciaga dress
Arch 4
Khaite leggings
Dries Van Noten
Wardrobe NYC

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