Posted: May 30, 2016 7:54am

We have all been burned by those sites that promise Celine and Chloe like pieces, at a fraction of the cost, normally the items never turn up and if they do they are no where like the pictures.

I love my statement shirts and I stumbled across Loeil, while trying to track down a new one.

The site was easy to use, has a edited collection and best of all, my item arrived a week later.

Loeil Statement shirt


The brand update the shop weekly with a few items, so it is not overwhelming.

My item was as pictured, the quality is very similar to Zara but the pieces are more exciting.

Loeil Statement shirt

This is a site for those of us who love Alexander Wang, Celine but just don’t want to spend a fortune achieving this look.

I adore the shoes and they really do the best replica versions of Celine and Chanel that I have seen.

Loeil Statement Shirt

Yes I could probably track down these kind of pieces in a sample sale but I just don’t have the time or energy.

Sometimes a girl just wants something new and I don’t want to turn up and run into 5 other people in the same Zara top. I want to keep my money to invest in true investment pieces.

The shorts are from One Teaspoon , I will be featuring this brand later in the week as they do the best denim shorts. The glasses Dior, the tan is thanks to Spa by Car.

Check out Loeil online and let me know if you order and how you get on!



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