Posted: January 29, 2015 3:26pm

I love fur and I accept it is not for everyone and I try to check the source where possible. Nothing keeps  you warmer and it is so flattering to your skintone.

I have been asked by readers to try and track down a well priced good quality option.

I ran into Harriet while I was doing a Pop Up shop, I followed her down the street as her gillet was so gorgeous. It was the perfect shade of green and the fur was thick and glossy, the furs are all well lined and I love the vibrant colours.





I love this coat below and am waiting to see if Harriet can get it in baby blue




I love the shape of this gilet and would wear it layered over a leather jacket.



Sorry about the lack of glamour in  the surroundings, by the time I left half of the branch were trying on the pieces!

fur coat




fur coat

Harriet is opening a shop soon but in the short term you can contact her through her Instagram  account @lolabellefashion or I am happy to give you her phone number if you email me through the blog.

Her prices range from one hundred and fifty pounds.



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Hear more about our story Sign up to our newsletter