Posted: June 18, 2014 4:15pm

 I have over the years tried so many different clinics and facialists but I always come back

to Yvonne Martin Beauty Clinic.

I come back because not only do I look radiant when I come out but they also show me how to support the treatment with an at home regime.  I feel that it is not a one off but I am on a journey and they are helping me along the way. I have been tempted by Botox, especially when sleep deprived as my skin is always the first to suffer but Yvonne and her team have offered me an alternative path. She does not advocate quick fixes and we all know that you have to work at something to get it right and your skin is no exception.


The signature to her facial is massage, as it wakes the skin up and gets it looking plumper and alive again. The girls show me how to follow this routine at home.

As you get older you feel your face starts to droop and today the girls showed me how to work on this with facial massage. We will be showing how to do this at home in later posts.



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Hear more about our story Sign up to our newsletter