Posted: January 2, 2015 10:11am

All the bloggers and magazines are talking about the trends for 2015, I always find this  annoying as I want to enjoy my winter wardrobe and not feel like I need to thinking about Spring when it is freezing outside.

What I do find useful is to have an idea of what is going to be talked about so I can pick up pieces in the sale which help the transition to Spring. There are some amazing treasures at the wonderful boutique Lark, now in the sale which I would recommened you snap up. You can order online too( not sure if discounted online so call them if not) , I love this great brocade dress,it has a real piece.


The message seems to be about ‘nostalgia‘ looking back at the past in particular the seventies. Flares you say, not again..

My take seems to be that designers are using some of these past trends, such as the flare, fringing, assymetric hem lines, A-line dresses  and adding their own more modern twist often in fabrics you would not associate these trends in.

I am not that enamoured with the hippy seventies look, as on anyone over thirty this can look  like fancy dress. It is easy to make it look good on a photoshoot but the reality of going about your daily schoolrun or worklife in this garb is another story!

Rachel Zoe is an amazing stylist but for me this is how not to wear the look, it looks like she is trying too hard and she has a gorgeous body but this look makes her look shapeless.




The KEY is to take one element, for example a more flared trouser , don’t be temped to add oversized glasses or a floppy hat leave that to the students and teens.

So starting with the trouser shape, yes you will see a more flared legs everywhere but the best looks are those which are slightly flared I like to call it a cropped bootleg. This is easier to wear , with a flare unless you are Claudia Schiffer you have to wear a high heel not something I can pull off in my normal day.

I love these looks below, I think monocrome works best and certainly you need a fitted top half.




I would wear a flare in the evening with a simple vest, tuxedo jacket and super high heeled sandal. Let some of your shoe peek out, otherwise I think it looks strange.



securedownload (4)


For the daytime I am investing in jeans which are more a cross between a boyfriend and a bootcut. Wait for the highstreet Topshop will have loads of options or the brilliant  american online shop Shopbop. A trouser is an easier way to channel this look

The same thing goes for skirts, I have worn my fair share of maxi skirts and I still do on holiday but in London , it just doesn’t work.

The asymemtric midi skirt is a lovely universally flattering shape, it allows you to walk without tripping.

I detest fringing and hardly have every met anyone who can carry it off in real life, but I think adding it to an accessory such as a boot or bag  is ok, as long as the fringing is not too extreme but this is not a trend I will be embracing.

Bags are all getting smaller, probably a good thing as what ever my bag size is I fill it up.Look for more structured bags such as the bucket shape or the fabulous ladylike version from Ferragamo above.

I do love A-line dresses as they allow you to get away with a shorter hemline, so this is a trend I love and will be wearing but with ankle boots to toughten the look up.

These fringe boots are perfect for Spring and top of my list, these will look great with all the pieces above.

Welcome to 2015 and excited about the year ahead, thank you for reading !

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