Posted: May 14, 2016 7:42am

I have been a serial house mover, we have lived everywhere in London over the years from Islington, Notting Hill, Hampstead, St Johns Wood , Queens Park and now Kentish Town. I get bored and I love discovering new areas and of course the challenge of making a house a home.

Lots Road Auction House is somewhere, I had heard about before but had dismissed as being too expensive and full of antiques.  Yes there are amazing antiques but in the main, I found great contemporary furniture, that cost the same as John Lewis or Marks and Spencer .


Lotts Road

It could not be easier, everything is on their online catalog ( I am now obsessed with checking it every week) . The first time, I would recommend checking the pieces out on one of the viewing days, to get a feel for the price points and quality of the items.

The auctions are on a Sunday from 12.00 to 15.00 you have to register beforehand to get your number, in order to bid. You can also bid online and on the phone, if you cannot make it there on Sunday.

Lotts Road

So what did we buy?

We found these two chairs, which we paid £115 each for , they are just so beautiful and as new.

Lotts Road Auction House

We also picked up this sofa from Linden, which we paid £500 for ,  I adore these lights and the rug is Bauhaus and were as new and really reasonable.

Lotts Road Auction HOuse

It is so relaxed , we took our young kids and the dog. It is such a fun afternoon and my children really enjoyed it. The bidding process is chilled and you get to sit in the hallway, on the furniture which is for auction, so you can test before you bid.

Lotts Road

We also bought load of other items such as the bar stools featured below from Thonet, office furniture and bedside tables, I will share these with you in a later post.


Please remember that you have to pay 20% on top ( the Auction House Fee) as well as VAT . You can also arranged for it to be delivered the next day or so as they have a delivery company on hand, on the day of the auction to book in the pick up and delivery.

Check out Lots Road , this weekend and please let me know what you think.

It really is such an amazing source of gorgeous, unique pieces, they also run great designer handbag auctions too.

This weekend they have lots of garden furniture, tables and a couple of chairs exactly like the ones we bought.

Wishing you all a great weekend

Anne Marie




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