Posted: September 12, 2015 10:22am

I have succumbed to the charms of Lululemon. For years I didn’t feel like being branded with the logo but after my stints in the US you cannot avoid it- sometimes you just have to join the crowd.

The mothership of all things sportswear has opened up at last in the UK and I popped into the Marylebone store yesterday to take a look.

The first thing that strikes you is the energy in the store and the friendly and engaging nature of the staff. This is Canadian/American service at its very best; these girls cannot do enough for you and they are all sizes and shapes which is refreshing.

There is so much choice but I narrowed it down to a few key pieces .

Starting with leggings, I wanted the higher waisted ones that suck you in and lift your bottom- this doesn’t sound very scientific but it is the effect I want and heard rumour of among the devotees.

2013-02-24 05.01.12


This pair called All the right places fit like a glove and shaved inches of my legs. I can also highly recommend the circadian tank as it is cut to cover the right areas and it clings enough to be flattering.

Also such a great find was this crossover top called the  sunset salutation. You can layer it over a vest and it is so beautifully cut that I know I would feel comfortable meeting a friend for lunch in it .

2013-02-24 05.03.53



2013-02-24 05.02.06

Above is the striped version of the sunset salutation top. I did not want to leave without this as the material was so super soft and I love the arm detailing.

2013-02-24 05.38.33

The brand do jackets so well, and I have selected three which stood out for me. The fit on these was very slimming.

The asymmetric design and great military hue of this jacket is top of my list.

2013-02-24 04.58.27

I also adored this jacket called the define below as the fit and design make it stand out. These pieces are great to layer under a leather jacket and again, they are fit to make you look slimmer.

2013-02-24 05.12.10

I invested in this vest as I wanted something light weight that I can throw on to do my school run. This vest comes in a military pattern which I also adored.

2013-02-24 05.12.48

2013-02-24 05.09.01

I normally don’t go for colour in my workout wear but this cobalt blue number could convert me to it!

One thing is how it looks, but another is how it functions. So Deborah Sheridan Taylor and I put it to the test in a session with one of London’s leading personal trainers, Amelie Khellaf, and and it passed with flying colours.

More about our fitness journey in a later post.

2013-02-25 03.19.32


It is not cheap but if you live in your workout wear then it is worth it as it makes you look much slimmer, it is comfortable and you feel great.

Also if you, like me, don your workout wear hoping to get to the gym but get thwarted by work, sick children or just plain exhaustion, wearing Lululemon means that you at least look the part.

They have loads of great events on over the weekend at the new Marylebone store, so if you are in London pop in otherwise they are offering free shipping and returns at the moment.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend.











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