Posted: September 11, 2017 8:21am

I have bought belts before but usually take them off before I go out.  It’s as if I feel too constrained or feel the look is simply better without a belt at all.  Yet this season, everyone is belting sweaters and jackets and replacing their existing belts with leather belts, so I have re-examined and found what I think is the perfect belt.

You only need one and my top tip is Maison Boinet.  I found it at one of my favourite boutiques, The Place in Connaught Village.  I bought the navy one and I have worn it non stop.  Check out their website for a myriad of truly special belts.

Maison Boinet

The belt really works because it is the right width and the material is a gorgeous navy suede (this colour goes with everything and it is not too heavy).  The belt elevates any look without trying too hard, unlike some of the designer belts.  I know Gucci belts are everywhere but I don’t want my outfit to be about the belt, I just want it to blend in.


I kick started wearing this belt over a summer dress as I felt the belt made the look less beach like.  Autumn 2017 is awash with opportunities as the oversized silhouette is being pulled together with a belt. 


I now like to wear it over a jumper, shirt, blazer or a chiffon dress and with a lot of oversized pieces still out there, adding a great belt is simply more flattering.

Belts 2017 over dresses



Play around by replacing the belt on an existing dress or coat with a leather belt like the one from Maison Boinet, I have looked for years to find one that is universally flattering and comfortable to wear.



Emmanuelle Alt

We all adore Emmanuelle Alt and she has been replacing belts and adding belts to outfits for years, if it is good enough for her it is good enough for me!

The key is a great belt that works with all these looks.





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