Posted: July 13, 2016 8:20am

I have been reading a book on holiday about  Philip Green ( it is so worth reading if you love retail ) and it covers, how if he had taken control of Marks and Spencer, what he would of done to alter its course and it got me thinking about this great institution.

This blouse I am wearing  epitomizes, what I love about  Marks and Spencer :

  1. On trend but not a slave to fashion, the off the shoulder blouse is universally flattering regardless of age, this is a trend that is here to stay and hence worth investing in.
  2. The cut is more flattering, to us non 20 year old’s, as it is cut longer in the body, the shoulder band is generous and the fabric is flattering .
  3. The price point it is super affordable so you can dabble in the trend.

Marks and Spencer at its best

I want to celebrate this store and not put it down, as many do. Having spent time on line researching this post, I have found some amazing pieces. I think the key is to look online first, as there is such a large number of ranges , that in store you can end up being overwhelmed .

Get the classics right and then I will be back again and again, great black trousers, classic cashmere, white shirts, t-shirts, swimwear , gymwear and a little black or white dress . I have noticed a marked improvement in the classics, at Marks and Spencer particularly the  coats and shirts,  fingers crossed the rest is on the way.

Marks and Spencer

I know it sounds boring but it is so hard to find great quality that is not flimsy, I am 46 and I need proper materials and cuts. This means a lot of the highstreet is out, I may fit into it but it doesn’t mean, I can get away with wearing it .

Sizing, I had to order a size 14 blouse from the Alexa Chung collection, I love to shop online and I am now wary of the Marks and Spencer sizing but I hope, this was a one off.

marks and spencer off the shoulder blouse

I may feel like a 30 year old but I am not and at 46 , I realize I need better cuts , materials and simpler  fashion and I  want value for money.  I also want to embrace trends but have them cut a bit more generously, like this fabulous off the shoulder blouse.   I do feel for the first time in years, it is worth popping in store regularly.


marks and spencer

Stock, all the good pieces are always sold out like this blouse or the cashmere tracksuits, I always seem to have to go on to eBay to find the great pieces. It is so annoying to get tempted and then to go online to see long since sold out. This works for those with time to trawl the stores, we want to see a great coat and be able to go online and buy it. I am not setting my clock for a product launch. There is a leopard print coat heralded for 2016 lets hope there is enough to go around !


I have my eye on this body again part of the Autumn collection as well as this puffer jacket.



Role Models, I adore Alexa Chung but not for Marks and Spencer. Who would I choose? Well real women with jobs, kids and stuff to do . Noreen Goodwin, no one wears Marks and Spencer cashmere like this woman.

marks and spencer cashmere

I found the blouse featured, on a bargain rail, in Ireland and I cannot see it online but check in store, who ever is in change of shirts at Marks and Spencer , is super talented as I love them all and have order the bell sleeve shirt featured below for Autumn.

This is a site to spend time wading through as there are so many gorgeous pieces to pick up and I feel, like I need to spend time getting to know the stores again. A hassle yes but worth it, based on what I found yes.






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