Posted: December 12, 2015 9:00am

I have been pairing down my wardrobe, even though I have a lot of clothes I never seem to have anything to wear. I know have a uniform for winter, and you get going to be seeing me in lots of bright cashmere and jeans.  I always get the most compliments when I wear colour and in winter I need it.

After interviewing Noreen Goodwin, she alerted me to the sublime quality of Marks & Spencer cashmere.

2015-09-18 10.48.56


I have to admit I have gone on a spree. Yes, you can get everything online at Marks & Spencer, but checking eBay I found so many jumpers unworn (or worn a couple of times) for a fraction of the price.

2015-10-13 16.24.32

Go for the Pure Collection – I prefer round necks as they are universally flattering.  I would also avoid zips or any adornments, keep it simple. They have 30% off at the moment.

.2015-10-13 16.24.30


Another great option is to throw a cashmere cardigan over a dress. I am wearing an angora mix one here, while sporting some divine pearls from Thea Jewels – Noa makes the most exquisite pieces.

2015-09-30 22.08.58

Don’t be afraid to check eBay and as I have said before, a lot of Sellers accept returns.

Check out there sweaters and cardigans on eBay and wishing you all a fabulous weekend.


Anne Marie x




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