Posted: September 9, 2017 11:35am

I nearly fell over when I went into Massimo Dutti today.  This is a brand I used to love but then it went a bit too preppy and it felt like a less stylish Zara.  Something has changed and when I asked I was told that they have a new design team…it shows.

This season is truly special and this brand is my top tip.  I love that they have not followed the oversized trend, kept true to their tailoring but just improved the material and cuts.  Massimo Dutti is not as oversubscribed as other brands so I feel a lot better about buying a key piece from them.  My advice is to steer clear of coats from H&M and Zara as they are just everywhere and it makes me feel like I am wearing a school uniform.  Instead, head to Massimo Dutti.

Massimo Dutti Autumn 2017

So what to check out, as there is so much!

Lets start with the coats.  The one featured below so reminds me of ALAIA, it is cut so beautifully (size up as quite snug).  This coat is a statement in itself and looks a hell of a lot more than its £250 price tag.


Check out the pea coat below, it is so useful as you can layer a sweater or a hoodie underneath and it is much easier to wear in the car than a traditional coat.

6404755802_2_1_14 There are also lovely wool trenchcoats, lots of well priced fur and a spectacular white cape which is a total wow piece.

Massimo Dutti White cape 2017
Massimo Dutti 2017

This is the time to invest in a couple of sweaters.  The navy fisherman sweater pictured below  is exquisite and at just over £50 is great value.  I adore the cream one in the photo underneath too, it is super soft and it has those great ballon sleeves.

5668618712_2_2_14Obviously they have nailed the statement shirt too.  There are just too many to decide but I adore the sleeve detailing on the one below.

5193774250_2_3_14I have also spotted my Christmas party outfit – a strapless velvet jumpsuit but there are so many options, my advice is to pop in and try on!


There are also great skirts and mules and the first piece I have bought are the trousers as they are simple and so Celine like!

5063555802_1_1_14Be quick, as soon as the word gets out this collection will be gone.  It is what I wish Marks and Spencer was and Zara used to be!

Massimo Dutti, we salute you, great clothes in beautiful materials for real women with real lives!

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