Posted: November 6, 2014 10:39am

I love Matches,  I always feel a bubble of excitement when I enter their stores, you never know what gorgeous find awaits you.

When the children were little and I was at home I loved to escape to the shops  but now that I am working, I find it harder to find the time and I often get to think about shopping,  late at night and this is where Rachel Lamb and Private Shopping at Matches comes in.




If I spot something I like on the website, I drop her an email and she and her team have it sent out to me the next day, no delivery charge and nothing charged to to my card.

This allows me to try it on in the cold light of my own bedroom and also to see if it fits in with the other items in my wardrobe.

If I love it I keep it if not a simple email and it is picked up. These are the perks available to loyal Matches customers.

I cannot tell you how great this service is. It stops you wasting time running around to the shops and finding the item is out of stock and also the stores only carry a small selection of the full Matches range. It also saves on those dreaded delivery costs.

Sometimes you need inspiration and quarterly I visit the Private Shopping Area in Welbeck Street . In the comfort of the living room I can try on things that Rachel feels would compliment what I already have .




The gorgeous Private Shopping Area at Matches 23 Welbeck Street
The gorgeous Private Shopping Area at Matches 23 Welbeck Street
The fabulous Rachel
The fabulous Rachel

We don’t get paid to write these pieces, Rachel and her team are discreet, kind and knowledgeable and as we like to share out top tips this is really one of them. I also love the high street but using this service means I  have some real ‘pieces’ in my wardrobe which I add to each season.

I also feel I buy better and make less mistakes.

I would also recommend using this service if you are looking for a big ticket item, as sometimes I go into the stores looking for something in particular but get diverted and this focuses the mind.

Also if you are buying an investment piece,  then you also want to enjoy the process.

I also love to organize a shopping evening with my friends which is what I did below, it is such a lovely way to shop and like a grown ups dress up !

















Contact the fabulous Rachel on

This is what I bought and I have been living in it since!

Please email us at if you would like to join our next shopping event.




This is what we all fell in love with this amazing Parka from Yves Soloman


Thank you Shanaz for your help in organizing !

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