Posted: January 12, 2015 8:10am

I find men, especially those not interested in clothes so hard to buy for. Particularly  after nearly 10 years of anniversaries, Valentine’s days, Christmas and birthdays, I have started to run out of ideas!!

I was lucky to meet the very talented Nicola  of Powderhill, she makes the most unusual custom made pieces. They are also very well priced.

My husband is an avid football fan so I ordered him a pair of cufflinks with his teams motif, the owl for Oldham.

With  Valentines Day around the corner it is worth taking a look at her site.

The pair she had made for Anthony,  are so superstylish and well finished and he loved them !!



Bespoke Cufflinks with Oldham Athletic Motif the Owl


Powederhill also stocks some beautiful pieces for us girls as well. I met up with Nicola,  at our Topshop event and we were all blown away by her rings in particular. If you are looking for something a bit different but exquisitly finished Powderhill  is the place to go.

The stylish Nicola showing me her gorgeous collection of rings


I love that these rings have serious bling factor but they are so beautifully finished we all fell in love with the pink sapphires


Nicola has a beautiful collection of truely unique pieces, which are really well made.

This fox head ring is simply divine and I didn’t want to give it up

We all fell in love with this gorgeous fox head ring.



This was my favourite the Tiger Ring, it really is a gorgeous piece.








The perfect gift for the horse lover


I love that she embraces nature in her designs and  they combine great workmanship  with a very contemporary feel.


Nicola has a great eye for fashion and we all adored this Topshop dress



Though we are both trainer lovers but  we embraced the glitter and feathers!


So lets support our local businesses in 2015 check out Nicola’s website . As well as cufflinks they have gorgeous tie and lapel pins for men .


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Hear more about our story Join our mailing list and receive 10% off your first order