Posted: November 2, 2015 10:29am

The clocks have gone back so it will soon be dark by four o’clock. I know once I get home I like to get into my pyjamas .

I love silk in the summer but in the winter I want something cosier.

I was tipped  off to Mish London by Caron (Caron thank you!).

The fabrics and cuts are beautiful, and best of all the price point really is affordable. I also like that they are made in the UK – from 100 % brushed cotton – and all the pieces can be mix and matched.  I will be ordering some as presents this Christmas.

There are no outlandish patterns and I won’t be embarrassed to be caught in these pyjamas, in the day time.

2015-10-29 04.40.49

2015-10-29 04.40.47

I have tried so many cotton pyjamas and they are often rough or just plain shapeless.

I hope you can see the feminine shape and great detailing of these Mish London pair. They are true to size- I am wearing a medium. Having been away for a week in half term, these photos were taken on the one sunny day!

I am ready now to embrace Winter and nothing beats a great pair of pyjamas.

2015-10-29 04.40.29

2015-10-29 04.40.14

2015-10-29 04.41.04

2015-10-29 04.44.27

You can seem the lovely finish, and I will be adding a longer pair of pants for Winter. I am wearing the feather print style; they also have a vest top to go with this if you find the long sleeve top too warm at night.

So check out Mish London and let me know what you think!

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