Posted: June 14, 2017 2:41pm

At this time of year it is so easy to pick up some fun pieces to add to your wardrobe.  The items I have my eye on, from an investment perspective, are not on sale yet or they are sold out so I will have to wait until they are 70% off before I can afford them. I still want a few new pieces though as am a confirmed shopaholic!

Miss Selfridge is probably the first shop I remember shopping from.  I literally lived in there, with my friend Elaine, and we knew the stock inside out.  I never forget the dressing rooms at Clerys in Dublin, it was as good as Chanel for me back when I was 18!

I had given this brand up as too young but the new premium range has got me back involved, and best of all, it is not as oversubscribed as Next, Zara or Mango in my age bracket!

The top below is now on sale for £15 (size up as it is tight across the bust and comes in white and black).

Warehouse Uk

Today I am off to help a couple of my readers find some great high street pieces and I will report back tomorrow on what we find.



My top tip is always to size up (makes the pieces look more expensive, particularly shirts and tops, and only buy cottons, linens or silks if you can though the black skirt featured below is not love the finish so it made the cut).

Warehose Uk

I ordered the shirt in black too, to wear with high waisted jeans, as I love that the arms are in and you can show a touch of tummy but not too much.

warehouse uk

If you are not a fan of cropped tops there are so many other great pieces to choose from – check out my favourite pieces below.  I always start with the premium line as the best pieces are often found here.  The jacket, in particular, is a brilliant find and is now down from £100 to £50.  I have ordered the skirt even though it is not cotton.  I think it will be brilliant with a grey vest for when I am away, it’s also now on sale from the premium collection.

MS10D63SMUL_Zoom_M_1 MS10S03TIVR_Large_P_1 MS10T06TWHT_Large_P_1 MS10T12QBLK_Large_P_1Also, I like that my age group tend not to head to Miss Selfridge so you are less likely to run into someone in the same piece.

As I have now been wearing Miss Selfridge for over 25 years, some of the best vintage finds are often from this brand.

This post is not sponsored and I bought my own pieces, just saying!


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