Posted: February 19, 2016 5:07am

You cannot help but of seen those pictures of the Kardashian Clan, arriving at Kanye West’s Season 3 Yeeze show, at New York Fashion Week. All decked out in various Mongolian fur coats and jackets .

The coats and outfits were a collaboration with Balmain’s Oliver Rousteing and I couldn’t believe my eyes, as I had borrowed almost the exact coat from Vintage Emporium Modes and More.


I wanted to wear the coat away skiing but it turned out that the coat, would have tipped us over meagre, Ryan Air luggage allowance.

I adore the coat but not over these formal dresses as pictured above but dressed down. This is a show stopper, not everyone’s cup of tea but you cannot help but feel fabulous with it on.

It doesn’t matter you have on underneath, you will steal the show. This coat is perfectly tailored and lined with silk and the cut , is less bulky than the ones above.  The coat is unique and unless you hang out with the afore mentioned Kardashians, you won’t be running into anyone in the same coat. That is what is so special about vintage, you can find those exquisite pieces that are timeless and add something different to your wardrobe.


Dress like a Kardashian

Dress Like a Kardashian

Mongolian Fur Yeezy

Dress like a Kardashian

Dress like a Kardashian

Dress like Kim Kardashian

Dress like a Kris Kardashian

The coat is now back with Modes and More,  it is one of those stand out pieces that you would never regret buying.

There are lots of other great pieces online at Modes and More,  for you to check out from dresses, to jackets and skirts.

Check out Modes and More

44 Morton Street



Ducie and Charlotte Simone all have jacket versions , which are worth looking at.

Wishing you all a great weekend !

Charlotte Simone Bomber





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