Posted: November 3, 2014 11:16am

It’s Monday and to cheer myself up with the slog of school run, home work and fitting my workload around the demands of all of this I have decided to do a Monday Fantasy Lust list!

So lets start with fashion and topping my list is this amazing Parka I am wearing below, I used to have a very similar one which I lost somewhere in one of our house moves.

I love this Yves Solaman coat as it is a gorgeous colour and completely lined, I think it costs more than my first car so will have to remain on the list!

I know you must be tired of hearing me go on about these Saint Laurent  cat heel boots , they are simply beautiful the heel height, the shape these again are a classic.

Joseph do the best leather leggings and they are on sale at the moment  on My Wardrobe .

I have been trying to track down these Balenciaga trainers in black for months and found them at last at a great website called Natalie  Schuterman

I think this leather dress is another great buy as you can dress it up or down and Drome specialize in super soft wearble leather

I want this Bottega handbag, I used to think of them as frumpy but I love the fact that they are not trendy or fashionable and you never see that many around.









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Hear more about our story Sign up to our newsletter