Posted: December 5, 2016 5:56am

Having outfits makes getting dressed so much easier and avoids that ‘lots of clothes and nothing to wear scenario’ . I love Instagram and when  I saw this midi trench look  on the fabulous Jeanette Madsen  I felt inspired, as I loved how she put together something that is comfortable  yet it still felt fresh. Also Uggs are back thanks to one of my favourite bloggers Celine Aaagaard.



Here are the links to shop

  1. The trench coat is from Topshop or you can  just  buy one Preloved, Ebay has so many.
  2. The grey sweater is  from Warehouse, I love the bell sleeves.
  3. In the evening add heels from the fabulous SJP range this is such a well priced brand and they also do a fabulous Mary Jane which is lower.
  4. Uggs are back, get the new mini twinface  version as make your feet look smaller and the shorter length is easier to wear with cropped jeans. Now in sale at Larizia.
  5. Ski pants buy them from H&M they look so much better on than I thought.
  6. Mini baskets are everywhere and I love this one from 711.
  7. Red sunglasses are a great way to cheer up any Winters day, buy these are by Face a Face discovered at  Mallon and Taub.

Most of us will have all these pieces in our wardrobe but sometimes it is good just to think in outfits, particularly now the sales are on, it is the time to FINISH outfits.




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