Posted: June 28, 2018 5:44am

I adore Instagram and I cherish all those who have have a brilliant turn of phrase.

I posted the picture below, which is more or less my current uniform, and the lovely Natasha came up with ‘the morning after the night before look, but with your clothes on’!!


Even if I have a meeting I just add a pair of heels.  I am just not going to pretend that I swan around in dresses.  Running my preloved shop means I am on the floor, wrapping and doing videos of the new arrivals and lugging all the sales to the Post Office, so I need to be comfy. Another point is that I need to be able to whip my clothes on and off quickly when I’m trying them on for the blog, not to mention a 2 hour school run crisscrossing London.


Don’t be frightened of this look, it works on everyone.  I won’t wear shorts in town without a shirt as I am too old!

The length of the shorts is key – too many are just indecent and not appropriate in the City.  Denim shorts are great for wandering around but they not comfortable when you sit down or have to drive.


I have been living in these shorts/boxers for two weeks, they are the perfect length and also, because they are a bit wider on the leg, they makes your legs look much thinner.  They are from the fabulous Bananaboxers, (size up – I am in a large).

Also check out Longstaff for a silk option,  I love this brand as there are no buttons/ties on the waist so you get a lovely line and they are not too short.  J Crew also have some great shorts on sale now, also I love these ones, now on sale from DVF.  I also spotted a great Maison Margiela pair.

 J Crew shorts now in sale
J Crew shorts now in sale

I have ordered the Red Valentino taffeta shorts to wear in the evenings in Marbella, I just adore the colour and the roomy fit.




The Maje shorts featured below are now in sale for £60 .  I also spotted a Ganni pair on the Outnet.


The main criteria is to avoid any fastenings / ties at the waist as they add inches and look for a wider leg ( optical illusion and makes your thighs smaller)

As for shirts, I buy mine from charity shops, but check out Trilogy and Marks And Spencer for great ones.  The shirt here is from Dundas (bought them for Anthony) and the bag is from Eddie Harrop.  You can buy all these on line or in store at Summer in the City (310 Kings Road in London, Sw3 5UH)


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