Posted: September 5, 2018 5:44am

I am being much more careful about not jumping on every latest bandwagon.

At the same time I do want keep my look semi-current, and having examined the recent trends, I notice that these drawsting/slouch bags are popping up everywhere this season.  The one below is years old but I will be wearing it this Winter with my camel coat!


It is not something to spend loads of money on and there are loads of them on sale from the previous season as well as great vintage and Etsy pieces which I have spotted.

ultimate edit

I have added lots of links to shops below.  The most beautiful are from Attico and they are top of my Wishlist.  I adore the sequin ones and they will be brilliant in the run up to Christmas.  I have literally found loads on sale!

They have re-issued more or less the same bag and I promise that you will be seeing them everywhere this festive season.


L.K. Bennett have the most beautiful velvet slouch bag and you can find a very similar one on Etsy in grey.

L.K Bennett
L.K. Bennett

I adore the one below which is from Modes and More, it’s still in store, or just have a look in your local charity or vintage shop for something similar.


I have added all the links to shop below…



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