Posted: January 7, 2015 7:15am

Remember what happened to Mulberry or Burberry, one minute they were deemed old fashioned and a bit fuddy duddy the next minute Cara Delevingne  is all over the brand, the prices sky rocket and every second person is toting one.

I love bags and have been a long time  devotee of Celine and Chanel  as I like the clean lines  and I have invested in my fair share over the years but I think with their proliferation I want to find something new for everyday.

With the children happy at my parents and a bit of time on my hands, I decided to check out what other brands are out there.

Being home in Ireland for Christmas, the  best place in Dublin to do this, is  the irish  phenomena which is BrownThomas, think Selfridges but brighter with a much more manageable lay out.  They also seem to hire the lovely young staff who know their fashion. One of these is Will Dunleavy.



I was wavering between a Proenza Schuler in a gorgeous calfskin or a Givenchy in a burgundy colour.  Will pointed out that the Proenza was overdone and he was right the combination of the skin and the very distinctive clamp was too much.



In reality I was attracted to the print and letting that influence my decision making. I also find crossbody bags with a flap are really annoying on a day to day basis from an access perspective.

So with that dismissed,  I moved onto the Givenchy, the shape is perfect big enough to fit your tablet, a bottle of water but not so big that you felt that your arm would drop off. It had a crossbody strap and you a top opening.  This bag I should  have  bought but I lost out as I put it down to take a call and someone else had grabbed it and sprinted to the cash desk!! I was tempted to grapple her to the floor but felt it was not a good look.





That is where Will steered me to the Salvadore Ferragamo bags, this is a brand  I would normally never consider but the new range is spectacular . I think it is only a matter of time before this brand really takes off. I have my eye on this gorgeous number below called the Sofia.

I love the colour and the classic shape, it looks like a modern take on a Birkin.






I also love the ribbon detail on the crossbody version, a great alternative to Chanel.




This brand is easier to find preloved and I have added a few great options for you.


This is the one I found yeaterday for under one hundred pounds on Ebay, perfect with my winter whites! It also has a long chain strap.

Definitely the start of a love affair!






Having checked the net  I seen that the stars are already embracing the brand especially those who are more fashion forward.





Please share with me an lesser known brands that you love, I really want to hear about them.

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