Posted: September 22, 2014 12:55pm

I love candles they are so calming, even in my office when I work in the evening I have them burning. I am addicted to Dipthyque L’Ombre  Dan L’Eau but as they are so expensive and I found myself rationing them which defeats the purpose. So I was really excited to meet Helen and Susan of Primrose Hill Candles.

I am now obsessed by their Pomegranate Noir candle and at fifteen pounds and a burn time of 27 hours, it really is affordable luxury.

Helen and Susan met through their children, they have four between . Like many they had parked their high powered jobs while the children were at home  and now with all the children at school, they were determined to find something they were passionate about, to found their own business.

A love of candles led to a candle making course and the rest is history. The candles are presently all made locally in Primrose Hill and are all natural.

They are stocked at James Lakeland, Sweet things, Groom and Black Truffle.

They also are happy to customize for that special occasion , while I was visiting their workshop I saw a candle which had been specially made for a  birthday with a unique Gardenia perfume . The packaging is beautiful and is ready to gift.

This is a brand to watch!











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