Posted: October 3, 2016 9:21am

I don’t know why but I have been hankering after another pair of red sunglasses, I have a very discreet pair but I want a full blown wow pair!

Maybe it is the fact that the dark Winter days are ahead and I just want to feel uplifted.

I also love to wear all black and a touch of colour just lifts the outfit.  I have lost the pair below hence my mad search for a replacement.

The best Red sunglasses

Red sunglasses

The great thing about red sunglasses, is that they are not popular so you can have your pick . This time I want a more modern fit . I am currently bidding on a D&G pair on Hardly Ever Worn it, I have spotted a Celine pair on Ebay not to mention TK Maxx which has two pairs from Marni!

The Fashionguitar in Celine
The Fashionguitar in Celine

I also tried on a great pair from Zan Zan but they were expensive but I am sure no one apart from me will want them so I they will probably land in the sale!

zan zan sunglasses

Ok this is not a classic but sometimes a touch of colour particularly in Winter can make all the difference.

Just love a great pair of sunglasses , wishing you all a fabulous week ,


Anne Marie





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