Posted: April 11, 2016 6:21am

At last the first post from the new house, I  just got internet but our furniture is just starting to arrive tomorrow, so excuse the sporadic nature of my posts for the next few days. One thing I have had not got to worry about, during this stressful period is my skincare routine.

I was lucky to be recommend to Dr Lynette Yong by Hannah Stafford Taylor, at 45 I needed something more than my current routine was providing.

The sagging had been improved by the course of Dermaroller I have undergone, check out this older post for all the details.

The lines around my eyes and forehead just seem to be getting worse,  I imaged Dr Yong would recommend Botox but instead, she changed my routine and recommended a course of facials. I was sceptical!

This woman is a genius and my skin is so much better and the price of the products is so much lower, than what I was spending before. I can now justify more regular facials with the talented Olga, who works with Dr Yong.


So what products am I usinging:

  1. SkinCeuticals  Phloretin CF, I have written about this miracle product before, read the  review for all the details, I use this most mornings and it is a miracle product. The high dose of vitamin C has made all the difference to my skintone .
  2. The Dermaquest Stem Cell, 3D Eye Lift , is by far the best eye cream, I have ever used. This was recommended by the girls at Beyouthiful, it has lightened the dark circles, reduced the lines and tightened up my eye area.
  3. Helicare 360 is a genius product, as it combines a day cream and a sun block in the lightest mouse, I now never skip sunblock. I am so pressed for time in the mornings that anything that saves time is a winner.
  4. In the evening I use Retinol again from SkinCeuticals and I alternate, it with Peptide Line Remover . Start with the lowest dose of retinol.  I use a website called Effortless Skin, they have a great call centre and they know their stuff and their prices are the lowest and the delivery time is super quick. These products, have reduced my lines dramatically.
There is one more product I use which cost £15 and it has replaced all my expensive night creams, I will share that with you next week .
I have paid for all my own treatments and products, featured in this post.
These are products I have bought myself and I have seen a marked improvement in my skin.
Most of all thank you Hannah for being sharing, this is the essence of Catwalkschoolgates, we want to share the best tips. If you have any miracle products, you have used and adore, please send me an email to and I will feature them in an article I am putting together.


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