Posted: March 25, 2020 9:36am

So Anthony caught the virus, at least we presume so as he had all the symptoms, so we have been at home for a week now and have another week to go.

Not that there is actually anywhere to go!  To be honest, I feel blessed that I can stay at home, put my business on hold, take care of my husband and deal with the dreaded ‘home schooling’.

Most of my day is spent making food, picking up random cups, loading the dishwasher, cleaning, washing, arguing with my children and counting down until the evening so that I can relax and grab a glass of wine.  Still, I have it easy compared to so many others.

There is no room for anything impractical in my wardrobe.  After a week of isolation, these are the items I have worn.

Most of you will have all these items, or variations of, and we can’t be sure what the long term view is on deliveries.  Currently, most of the companies are still functioning and delivering but is this right?  I have curtailed my ordering but at the same time I am still getting lots of requests for stay at home outfit ideas.

So here are the pieces that I am wearing day in day out.





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