Posted: May 2, 2018 2:19pm

I cut my hair last year and didn’t realise how much more maintenance it was once it was shorter!

I can’t use tongs anymore as I ended up with finger burns, even with those heat resistant gloves!  I loved to tie my hair up which is much  harder when it is  shorter.  I am also really lazy and only wash my hair once a week but with my hair so short it turned into a helmet by day three.

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So, whilst going through the painful growing out stage I was recommended to try a hairpiece by my hairdresser .  I simply clipped it around my own ponytail.  It was so easy, even I could do it, it has a connector that you tie and I added a couple of pins to keep it in place.

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My wig cost me just over £200 and I have worn it a couple of times a week since.  Mine is real hair and it was matched to my own hair.  I will cut it shorter which I think will give it a more natural look.

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I bought mine at Trend Co in Notting Hill.  They are really welcoming and so helpful and deliver too so they are my top tip!  In addition, they also deal with hair loss, alopecia, chemotherapy and all hair loss related problems.  They have loads of options and all possible colour matches.

If you cannot be bothered with a wig then hair tapes are the way to go.  My hair has thinned a bit at the front but i still have volume at the back, as a result, when it grows the hair around my face just seems to constantly break off.  Last week I had 6 real hair tapes put in – they are from a brand called Great Lengths.

I had mine done at Hob Salon Belsize Park, they have an expert called  Sara and she is super quick so it didn’t cost anymore than I pay for my roots to be coloured.  You have to get used to the feeling of small joins but they are not visible at all and the hair is a perfect match.  You can wash and blow dry it as normal and there is nothing on show when I tie my hair back.  As your hair grows, you can have them removed and reapplied.  Any of the celebrities you see with full hair, Victoria Beckham etc,  they all have these tapes.  They use the best hair which is from Great Lengths. 


For me it was all about volume rather than length for my tapes and it has made such a difference to my hair.  Fingers crossed it will allow my hair to grow underneath as I am now not fiddling around with it so much.

This is not sponsored, I paid full price for my treatment. Sorry so quiet only a week to the move …

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