Posted: September 25, 2017 7:24am

I was chatting with a few friends recently and the topic that comes up more and more is the gap between what clothes cost and what 95% of people are able or even willing to spend.

With the advent of street style and the glorification of bloggers, clothes that we would normally never come in contact with or feel should be part of our lives, are now everywhere. In bygone days, Fashion Week was for magazine editors, buyers or those who actually buy the clothes, I wish it had stayed this way. I remember running into bloggers like the Fashionguitar ( when she lived in Notting Hill) and she dressed like me, now she is draped in Valentino etc, looking gorgeous but for most of us completely out of budget.


Experience is a great thing and I know that a lot of pieces are borrowed, bought on a press discount or gifted.  I don’t feel at all hard done by, I decided to have children and they just are sponges to any disposable income, combined with building a company which also sucks up a lot of my spare cash.

Even if you are in the lucky position to have a lot of disposable income, most of the people I know just feel uncomfortable  spending copiously, unless it is for a birthday or special occasion.

The good news is you don’t have to!  Blogging allows me the joy  of meeting so many well dressed women and the common denominator is that they WORK FOR THEIR LOOK.

By this I mean they spot a fabulous piece and then HUNT IT DOWN FOR LESS or they just BUY LESS and save up.

Preloved Couture Community Cape link below

I used to slavishly buy into the latest must have (for example the Gucci belt bag is this seasons must have). Now I examine the trend, and if I feel it works for me then I find something a lot cheaper and more unique. All of these trends have been around before, so you can find the pieces.

Couture Community
Couture Community
Couture Community
Couture Community


This doesn’t mean buying loads of cheap stuff either as this does not work when you are over 40.  It might look good on Instagram but I have seen these outfits up close and the ladies look like an extra from Abfab! I want to personally collect all those red elasticated boots currently on nearly every foot on instagram and burn them. We bloggers love red/pink and yellow as it is proven to get more likes so BEWARE.

Couture Community
Couture Community

So what is the solution?

  1. We have to know what works for our life and body, define your uniform.  Mine is joggers/leggings/great knits or t-shirts, depending on the time of year.  I only wear flats and plain colours suit me best.  You don’t need a stylist, just THINK ABOUT THE OUTFIT YOU FEEL BEST IN.  IF you need help email people like me who are happy to give you a steer
  2. Once you have your uniform, identify 5 things you need, buy them or identify them for the sales ( stops you grazing on the highstreet)
  3. If you don’t a big budget then you HAVE TO BUY PRELOVED.  There is no other way over 40. I want soft Max Mara coats, beautiful leather shoes and boots and cashmere.  Preloved does not mean pre-worn, but it does mean having to work harder when you shop.  The pay off is worth it when you get a £1,500 coat for the same as you would pay at Sandro.  Keep checking my blog directory to find the best Preloved, I add shops all the time
  4. Tweed, cord and suits are all on trend this season but buy these vintage.  With so many on-line options there is no excuse, the easiest place to go is Etsy, follow me as I always book mark the best pieces link is here 
  5. If you are bored and want something new, GO LOW, but this is my weakness.  I find it so easy to part with £20 on ASOS but I will never have a great wardrobe with those pieces.  Don’t buy anything you see on three or more bloggers sites as it is too identifiable as high street


Couture Community
Couture Community


Below is a list of some of my favourite Preloved pieces that I have spotted this week with links to shop.  All the pieces featured above are from online Preloved shop Couture Community.

So on my list are the following and they might take months to find!

  1. Vintage Midi length mink coat
  2. Leggings hope to track down the Versace ones from last season  which I hope to spot at Pippa London’s sample sale
  3. New tote bag this I will buy preloved
  4. Pair of navy leather flats, ideally vintage Chanel
  5. New Max Mara coat fingers crossed from The Real Real


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