Posted: February 22, 2016 5:28am

Back to reality and the schoolrun for me this morning. My uniform is these J.Crew New Balance trainers.

Those of you who regularly read the blog are probably tired of me going on about my New Balance trainers from J. Crew. I used to waste money on designer trainers but these are so well made and the colour combinations so good that they are the only ones I wear.

They are also a bit different to the Stan Smiths or Golden Goose, that are every where now .

New Balance for J Crew

J Crew New Balance


I like the tidy fit, they make your foot look small and dainty and are polished enough to get away with when over a certain age but at the same time they are not trying too hard.

New Balance for J Crew

They go as well with jeans as they do dresses and skirts and are light on the feet ,which coming into Spring and Summer is important.

So check out the full range at J .Crew 

Every season they bring out new colour combinations .

ASOS also have a great range of New Balance in sale at the moment, including this glorious red pair below. Spring here we come, though it doesn’t feel like it this rainy Monday.


New Balance


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