Posted: December 3, 2014 7:16am

I am like a magpie, when it comes to beauty products, where ever I am I always seem to stumble across something and it ends up in my bathroom drawer.

The constant media bombardment on a daily basis also doesn’t help, there seems to be a new wonder cream out every day, which promises to reverse the signs of ageing!

My skin is also very sensitive and when I use very active products, my skin has the tendency to look sore.

I have regular facials, a must when well over 40 and am trying to resist botox and fillers as long as I can.

Some mornings though, you  cannot help looking in the mirror, especially after a bad nights sleep and think,  I need help!

I had heard about Dr.Lancer while in Los Angeles in the summer, his office is a Mecca to the glowing skins of Hollywood!  Also Victoria Beckham has been extolling the virtues and how it has transformed her once problematic skin.






When the brands head facialist Keliagh Parsons, visited Space NK I booked an appointment , I wasn’t over filled with optimisim as I have been through so many products before and in most cases seen very little improvement.

Keliagh is amazing and she knows her stuff, her mantra and that of Dr Lancer is ‘To teach your skin to act as it used to“.

We stimulate our muscles through exercise and Keliagh explained we must do the same with our skin,the largest organ in our body.



So what is the Lancer Method?

I am going to keep it simple as you can read more here.

Step 1 : You must use a scrub or the polish as they call it, every day, the skin thinks it is under attack so it trys to repair itself  and produce new fresh cells.  The polish never irritated my skin at all . THIS IS THE KEY DIFFERENCE TO OTHER ROUTINES

Step 2:  Then you cleanse to remove all the dead skin and any germs and balances the acidity levels, this creates the perfect base for the moisturiser

Step 3: The Method moisturiser Nourish is then added, which is superlight and easily absorbed.

You then have the choice of add on depending on your skin’s needs.

I use the Serum in the morning, which litterly feels like a face lift in a bottle and the eye cream. At night I use the Vitamin C and night cream .

I was given a form with all the steps and order of the products, which I keep in my bathroom drawer.

It is a simple routine and my skin loves it. The irritation around my chin has disappeared, my skin is clearer, softer to the touch and the lines have faded so they no longer bother me as much. It may seem like a lot of products but they are so quickly absorbed that it takes me no time and I have adhered to it.

I would recommend making an appointment before you invest. As it is important to get the right add ons for your skins needs.

You can make an appointent at any Space NK branch or email Keliegh directly on as she visits all the various stores.





We do not get paid to write these pieces and have paid for all my own products. I am simply sharing something that has worked for me! I have also been using the range for nearly a month now !



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