Posted: December 29, 2014 9:36am

I used to get my eyelashes and brows done while I had a manicure or my hairdresser, it was really random usually never done by the same person.

Most of the time I suffered from burning eyes and the eyebrows in particular were either over done or looked more or less the same.

When I looked at people with good brows, the name that kept popping up was Vaishaly.

I have been religiously going to Vaishaly for almost a year now and I really notice the difference.

I have my brows shaped every six weeks and dyed, then I don’t touch them in between and I never miss an appointment.

They simply have the best therapists, who are experts in their field.



I love that my brows and lashes,  are now stronger and  more defined , I have also managed to attain a great natural arch.

I think great eyebrows shape your face and add a frame.

I also have my eyelashes dyed, they do the top and bottom lashes and it is applied and removed so carefully that I don’t even shed one tear. For a long time I suffered silently but now that I go to Vaishaly, it is so painless.

The key is to book ahead and go regularly, make this one of your New Year’s resolutions, you will see the difference.




Please share any of your great beauticians with us and we will pass on to the other readers.

I also use rapidlash everynight before I go to sleep,my lashes are a lot longer and thicker.


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