Posted: June 30, 2018 9:56am

I love the sunshine but am really struggling in the heat.  I drive a lot in central London and it is a nightmare, including sweaty backs!  I have even contemplated one of the windscreen covers you get when you go abroad.  I had to wait 10 mins for the  car to cool down this afternoon before I could drive off!

This is the time of reckoning when you despair of anything viscose – it is linen and cotton all the way for me.


I have taken heed of my readers angst and have been trying to steer clear of billowing gowns, instead looking for more fitted pieces and I came across Daily Sleeper.  The price point is fair and the dresses are finished to perfection. They are true to size and mine arrived within the same week. I do wear a Marks and Spencer slip underneath ( this slip is phenomenal) and only £20 is a lifesaver .



These are dresses you can wear in the City as well as on holiday as they are not flimsy and you can also dress them up.  They come in loads of shapes and the brand takes huge care with their manufacture.



Also check out Iona Debarge (her £70 nightgowns are on my Wish List and you can wear them out!)

Sorry that I’ve been a bit slow on the blogging front.  My new site is on its way and I am having to manage both.  I’m trying not to load too much new stuff as I want to migrate over soon and every time i release a new blog it has to be copied over to the new site in waiting!  However, I update instagram daily.




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