Posted: November 18, 2016 4:56am

I will not head out without make up anymore but saying that, the amount of make up I use has reduced dramatically.  The older you get the harder it is for makeup not to age you and give that masked look.

I get up just after six every morning and have very little time to get ready before I head out to take the kids to school, so there is no room for an elaborate make up routine.

No Make Up Make Up

Morning Aura Victoria Beckham

My three hero products are Victoria Beckham’s Morning Aura, it is the best skin enhancer I have used, it gives enough coverage without too much shine, I love it and use it everyday. This product is out of stock everywhere but I got my at the airport so check if you are travelling at the Duty Free or they have loads on Ebay.

Nothing beats Dr. Perricone No Foundation Foundation and  No Concealer Concealer, even when I am tired and just cannot bear anything on my skin these products work. The foundation contains SPF 30 and active ingredients so that it works not just to cover but also to improve the texture of your skin. The concealer also contains SPF and is crease proof and long lasting. It also contains vitamin C to help diminish lines.

Victoria Beckham No concealer concealer

Dr Perricone No Foundation Foundation

These products work as they don’t feel or act like make up, they are absorbed quickly, so there is none of that cakey feeling of foundation. The undereye serum takes the blue tint away from under my eyes but does dry out in my lines. It also does actually offer enough coverage, it hides my broken veins and pigmentation.

I bought all the products myself and  I use them day in day out.

Also loving the Max Benjamin candles, so reasonable and are from a company based in one of my favourite places in Ireland, Enniskerry.





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